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Relationships In Poetry

Can you get a better insight into relationships by reading classical literature? Understanding and getting to grips with relationships has never been easy. If you do have relationship problems, you can try going to counselling or talking to your friends. But, what do you do when none of those two work for you? Maybe it […]

Why do we settle for second best?

I still think that a lot of women settle for second best. For a long time it fascinated me why women do settle for second best when it comes to men, but then I realised we are all getting involved in serious relationships in life later. Just like the girls at London escorts, many women […]

Why will you not hold my hand?

I love my boyfriend like mad, but he is never affectionate to me in public. Most people don’t mind public displays of affection but my boyfriend seems to hate them. We have talked about it and he cannot really explain why he has such a hang up about public displays of affection. It is very […]

No More Fake People

I used to think that the Kardashian girls were the most stunning ladies on the planet. Now, I have changed my mind and I have discovered that I really hate the concept of fake. We seem to be really into everything fake these days, and it is beginning to get on my nerves. I even […]

Relationship Advice

Are you looking for good quality sex and relationship advice? If you are looking for a little bit of advice on a personal relationship problem, or sexy dilemma, the best place to find it may not be Cosmo or Vogue. I know that they are popular magazines, but when I read it, I honestly wonder […]

Jenifer Needed More Than Her Husband Could Provide

When Tom and Jenifer first got married, things in the bedroom were amazing. But as time passed, Tom started having problem getting an erection. This was very frustrating for Jenifer who simply loved sex. Tom did not seem to care about Jenifer’s needs and the two became very distant. While the married couple still got […]